15 People Authors and Readers Should Follow on Twitter.

5 people to follow for information on publishing and marketing:

  • Molly Greene (@mollygreene)
  • Joanna Penn (@thecreativepenn)
  • Joel Friedlander (@JFBookman)
  • Francis Caballo (@CaballoFrances)
  • Jane Friedman (@JaneFriedman)

5 groups/businesses/organisations that offer help without being too hard sell:

  • Book Marketing Tools (@bkmkting)
  • Writers Digest (@WritersDigest)
  • Create Space (@CreateSpace)
  • Publishing Talk (@publishingtalk)
  • Write Track (@Write_Track)

5 people/groups/organisations that offer help for authors with social media:

  • Liz Melville (@lizmelv)
  • The Social Media Hat (@SocialMediaHats)
  • Mashable (@mashable)
  • Jeff Bullas (@jeffbullas)
  • Pam Dyer (@pamdyer)

All the above 15 twitter accounts are fantastic resources for both readers and writers and they are run by people who genuinely want to help. They assist with all aspects of social media and they also help writers and authors to find each other.

You may also find The Top 10 Resources for Self-Publishing Authors useful for help with writing, publishing and book marketing.


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