The Top 10 Resources for Self-Publishing Authors

Self-publishing authors have a fair bit to do: Write, edit and format books, design covers, learn how to use Kindle Direct Publishing (and other publishing outlets) and explore how to best make use of social media to market their work. The following is a list of resources which I found to be the most helpful with the self-publishing process:

The Book Designer   1JoelF

The Book Designer is put together by Joel Friedlander, and it covers all aspects of self- publishing. The site is easy to navigate and has popular posts grouped together on the home page with articles put into categories. Personally, I’ve learned a lot from Joel’s site and from the authors who guest-write posts on his behalf. Take a look at the ‘Start Here’ section on the home page to introduce yourself to the scope of articles which are available.

2 Joan Stewart, The Publicity Hound  1JStewart

You’ll find more than 2,000 blog posts and articles, hundreds of learning tools, and lots of free advice on how to tell your story to the world on Joan’s site. If you’re having trouble deciding how best to market and promote your book, then there are numerous articles here that will help. Joan is also great at blogging and shares tips to help you improve your author blog posts  Continue reading

Cover Reveal – The Revelation Room

I’ve recently had the cover for my first book, The Revelation Room, professionally designed in preparation for its publication on 6th May 2015. I thought I might share with you the process I went through to reach the final product.

What the book is about:

The Revelation Room is the first in a series of psychological mystery thriller books. The main character, Ben Whittle, works in the office of his father’s private investigation business. After Ben’s father goes missing whilst trying to locate a girl who has joined a religious cult, it soon becomes apparent to Ben that he will have to try and infiltrate the cult in order to rescue his father. Ben is an extremely reluctant hero, and it is with great reticence that he sets off on his rescue mission. The first thing I wanted the cover to encapsulate was a sense of stepping into the unknown, into something far greater than Ben could ever imagine. This cult isn’t a band of harmless hippies, it is a highly dangerous group of brainwashed people who will do anything to further their cause, and it is run by an egocentric psychopath who has no regard whatsoever for the sanctity of human life. Continue reading