BLOG TOUR: Death Parts Us, by Alex Walters

 Book Description:

Twenty years ago, Jackie Galloway was a senior cop with a bad reputation. Then he ended up on the wrong side of the wrong people, and his career was ruined. Sacked and with no pension, he ends up eking out his last days on Scotland’s Black Isle, his mind lost to dementia, supported only by his long-suffering wife, Bridie.

Then Galloway is found dead. The police assume the death to be accidental, until Bridie Galloway reveals that her husband has been receiving apparently threatening letters containing only the phrase: ‘NOT FORGOTTEN. NOT FORGIVEN.’

DI Alec McKay is struggling to come to terms with life without his estranged wife Chrissie, and is living in isolation on the Black Isle. As a junior officer, McKay had been allocated to Galloway’s team and has bad memories of the man and his methods. Now he finds himself investigating Galloway’s death.

But when suspicion falls on him and more police officers are murdered, the pressure is on for McKay to solve the case.

Why would the killer seek revenge twenty years after Galloway left the force?

As McKay fights to link the events of past and present, he realizes that time is rapidly running out…


My Review:
Although this book is the second in the series, it makes an interesting and enjoyable stand alone novel. When retired policemen begin to be found dead, Alec McKay and his team start investigating. As they delve into the lives and final cases of those who have died, they begin to realise just how complex the case is.

I liked the setting of the story. I could picture the remote locations and hear the locals speak as I read. McKay’s team have their work cut out for them, with a number of threads overlapping each other, and team members being pulled in different directions. I enjoyed the working dynamics between the investigators, especially McKay’s personality and how despite his best intentions, he’d still get in trouble with his superiors.

Despite the case being so complicated, the story remains enjoyable and doesn’t become confusing due to Alex’s clear and concise writing style. The pace was steady throughout, but sped up towards the end. I didn’t work out how the investigation would be resolved, but the ending brought all the strands together well.

Thanks to Sarah Hardy at Bloodhound Books for inviting me to take part in this tour today. I’ve thoroughly reading this book. You can buy it here.


 Author Bio:
Alex Walters is the author of the DI Alec McKay series set in Scotland’s Black Isle—Candles and Roses and Death Parts Us. He has also written three books set in and around Manchester—Trust No-One and Nowhere to Hide featuring the undercover officer, Marie Donovan, and Late Checkout, which introduced DCI Kenny Murrain. As Michael Walters, he also published three crime novels set in modern-day Mongolia, The Shadow Walker, The Adversary and The Outcast, which are currently being reprinted in new reedited Alex Walters editions.  Alex has previously worked in the oil industry, broadcasting and banking and now, alongside his writing, runs a consultancy working mainly in the criminal justice sector with police, prisons and probation.   After many years in Manchester he’s in the process of moving to the Highlands with his wife, occasional sons and too many cats.




Twitter: @mikewalters60

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