Blog Tour Review: Stitched by Cheryl Elaine

Today I’m pleased to be part of the blog tour for Stitched, by Cheryl Elaine. Thanks go to Shell Baker for inviting me. Before my review, here’s the book cover and description:

A patchwork of lies and threads of abuse…Stitched is a gruesome tale of control, fear and brutality.
To the outside world, Andrew Brooke is a cop who’s obsessively committed to his job. But behind closed doors, he enforces his dominance and disciplines his wife, Emily, in the most inhumane ways. When his life begins to fall apart and his reputation becomes tarnished, he unleashes his anger and seeks revenge on those who dare to encounter him.
Emily Brooke is left broken by her husband’s hand, with no means of escape. Eventually, though weak and confused, she manages to flee. But is the life she escapes to a better one?
Detective Donavan has his own demons to battle following his wife’s death. Assigned a missing person’s case that leads to a series of brutal attacks, he follows the trail of a serial killer dubbed ‘The Stitcher’ – but will his own dark secrets get in the way of justice being served?
Stitched perfectly demonstrates how cruel life – and people – can be.

My Review:
The subtitle for this book uses the word ‘gruesome’ for a very good reason – because some parts of the story are exactly that. Theses parts of the story are never just there for the sake of it though. They are used well to emphasise the pain and heartbreak that Emily suffers at the hands of her husband, Andy.

There are numerous episodes of violent domestic abuse that I found difficult to read, mostly because I’m aware that what is happening to Emily inside a story, is happening to many women in reality. Andy is barbaric, disturbed, unhinged and ready to lash out at Emily at any moment. In the moments where his anger builds I felt anxious, but wanted to continue reading.

Both the cover and the title for this book caught my attention. There was a moment as I read, where I realised why both are what they are, and it cemented the fact that they suit the story very well.

Yes parts of this book are disturbing. They made me wonder, how much more of this can Emily cope with? But, I admire authors who, like Cheryl, can take such an emotional topic and weave such a great story from it. If you can cope with such dark subject matter, than I highly recommend this book.


About the Author:
Cheryl Elaine is a British Author, and resides in Yorkshire.  Throughout her life she has been an avid reader and wrote many short stories, which lead her on a path to the world of publishing. She released her debut novel – No Ordinary Girl, followed by her latest release – Stitched.

I hope you enjoy my dark and disturbing crime books, and if you fancy reading something lighter, why not check out my fantasy novel – Dragged to the Depths.

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It’s been a pleasure helping with this blog tour. If you’ve missed the other stops and reviews, then why not catch up with everyone else’s posts?

As always, thank you for your support.

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