Book Review – Fragile Cord by Emma Salisbury



How far would you go to hide the truth?

A small boy lies drowned in the bottom of a bath
His mother is found with a noose around her neck…

The local community is in shock.




Tracey Kavanah stroked her swollen belly absentmindedly as she reached for the drawing Kyle proudly held up for her inspection. It was three thirty on an uncomfortably hot day and the infant inside her shifted lethargically; the playground was full of red-faced mothers with excitable offspring and the sound of happy chatter reverberated around the red brick walls.
She swallowed hard as she studied Kyle’s picture, her hands began to shake uncontrollably as an uneasy, anxious feeling worked its way through her chest. She could hear her heart pounding, the thump, thump thump increasing its crescendo until it drowned out the babble from the children around her and startled her unborn child.
Her troubled gaze slid to the beaming face of her ruddy-cheeked son and in that moment she knew she must kill him. 

Book Review

Two seemingly unrelated investigations become connected when the police realize that links between a murder/suicide and a separate assault might be more than a coincidence.
I was gripped immediately by the prologue of this book and the thoughts of the mother in the school playground. I wondered why she was thinking such things and I had to keep reading.

There are quite a few characters to get to know in one go due to the two investigations. Once I got to know who was who I could concentrate on their personalities and interactions with each other. The two main characters, Kevin and Alex, are well written and how they investigate their cases is both interesting and realistic.

Some parts of this book are not for the faint hearted, but as this is a police procedural story I thought that they were both necessary and important parts of the book. This book is a true page-turner that had me hooked from the first page. I hope there is more like this to come.





Emma Salisbury is a crime writer based in Scotland. She’s written two crime series, one set in Salford, the other set in Edinburgh. You can find Fragile Cord, along with her other books, on or If you’re interested in keeping updated on Emma’s books then she’s also on Twitter @emmasauthor



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