Book Review of Paradise Prison by Faith Mortimer.

I’ve had the pleasure of reading and reviewing an ARC copy of the recently published Paradise Prison by Faith Mortimer. It’s an excellent read, and Faith has been kind enough to offer a signed paperback copy (UK only) or a kindle copy (outside UK) to one lucky winner of this week’s competition. You can find out more after the book description and my 5* review.

Book Description
During a huge row, Gillian stands up to her abusive boyfriend. The consequences are horrendous and far-reaching.
Terrified, she flees her home, seeking anonymity abroad while coming to terms with the outcome of her actions.
In Portugal, Gillian meets Harry, a yachtsman, needing crew for his Atlantic Ocean-crossing. She applies for the job. Half-way into the journey, after confessing to her crime, Harry offers her refuge on an uninhabited island in the Caribbean which he says he owns.
Confused and depressed, Gillian imagines this is the answer to her problems. She needs time to lie low and consider her options; confront the authorities or live in obscurity? Harry is offering the perfect hiding place…or is he?
When things start going horribly wrong, she asks herself if she is alone on the island. But maybe the biggest question of all is why she gets the gut feeling Harry wants to keep her there at all costs?
What happens when she says … no? 

5* Review
When Gillian manages to flee from her abusive husband, she thinks she’s found the perfect escape route. But, is history about to repeat itself?

This is the first of Faith’s books I’ve read and it certainly won’t be my last. The locations in the story, and how the main character ends up where she does, help to set this novel apart from other stories in the same genre. I thought that Gillian was a complex and well-written character. She has led a troubled life. Her attitudes, personality and reactions to certain situations all seem to have been affected by what has happened to her. I also like how she has an ability to surprise you with her thoughts and opinions throughout the book.

Harry is also a great character, but for entirely different reasons. The motives for his behaviour are suspect to say the least and his outward calm hides an inner evil. There is a lot of dialogue between Gillian and Harry which is extremely well done and realistic. If you like your psychological thrillers full of suspense, then I highly recommend this book.

You can find Paradise Prison here on Amazon.

Paradise Prison is set on a tropical island. When Faith isn’t here in England, which European island can she be found on?
a: Majorca
b: Cyprus
c: Malta

Good luck to everyone. Please comment below with your answer. The competition will be open until 3pm. Weds 11th Jan (now closed). I will pick a winner at random.

Congratulations to Sylvia Gaunt, you’ve won a copy of the book!

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  1. Hi! Sounds like a great book to start the year with. The answer is b) Cyprus.
    Publicly shared your post on fb too…..Happy New year!

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