Book Review – The Soprano by Sarah England.

Book Description:

A Haunting New Supernatural Thriller by the author of Bestselling Occult Horror Trilogy, ‘Father of Lies.’

‘It is 1951 and a remote mining village on the North Staffordshire Moors is hit by one of the worst snowstorms in living memory. Cut off for over three weeks, the old and the sick will die; the strongest bunker down; and those with evil intent will bring to its conclusion a family vendetta spanning three generations.
Inspired by a true event, ‘The Soprano’ tells the story of Grace Holland – a strikingly beautiful, much admired local celebrity who brings glamour and inspiration to the grimy moorland community. But why is Grace still here? Why doesn’t she leave this staunchly Methodist, rain-sodden place and the isolated farmhouse she shares with her mother?
Riddled with tales of witchcraft and rife with superstition, the story is mostly narrated by the Whistler family who own the local funeral parlour, in particular six year old Louise, who recalls one of the most shocking crimes imaginable.’

My 5* Review:
Having read the author’s Father of Lies trilogy and her collection of short stories, I was really looking forward to reading this book. I wasn’t disappointed.

Spanning from 1885-2017, this story successfully manages to merge the past with the present in a way that makes you feel as if you’re travelling back and forth in time. The locations, characters, family dynamics and use of description help remind you where you are in the story, and which part of the family you’re with.

Sarah has a talent for building up the tension and making you want to know more about the characters, and what brought them to where they are. Each step back in time reveals more, so you gradually understand the actions of those in the present.

This is a dark spell-binding read, full of excellent characters, brilliant descriptions and a cold, biting atmosphere that I could almost feel through my kindle screen. If you enjoy supernatural and occult thrillers, then I highly recommend this book.


About the Author:
Sarah England is a fiction writer based in the UK. She trained as a nurse in Sheffield before working in medical sales & specialising in psychiatry (South Yorkshire) – a theme which carries into many of her stories. A prolific magazine writer she had hundreds of short stories and serials published all over the world before her first novel was published in 2013. At the fore of Sarah’s body of work is the bestselling occult horror trilogy, ‘Father of Lies’. To date nearly 700 reviews have been written for this popular but chilling trilogy, with much more to come in the genre. ‘The Soprano’ is Sarah’s latest release.


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