Cover Reveal – The Eyes of the Accused

Today, I’m really excited to announce that the second book in The Ben Whittle Investigation Series, The Eyes of the Accused, will be published on Friday 8th April. Although this is the second book in the series, it can be read as a stand alone novel. Here’s a brief description:

Fresh from the horrors of the Revelation Room, private investigators Ben and Maddie are plunged into a disturbing world of terror as they search for missing pregnant girl, Hannah Heath. Drawn to Frank Crowley, an original suspect in Hannah’s disappearance, Maddie is about to learn the true meaning of evil. As she gets close to Crowley, in an effort to get him to open up, she soon learns all is not what it seems. Crowley is just a small part of something unimaginable. Something so terrible and deranged, it defies reason. After Maddie disappears, Ben is left in a desperate race against time to find her and uncover the truth.

Now to the cover. Having had such a good experience working with The Cover Collection on my first book, The Revelation Room, I asked them to design the cover for The Eyes of the Accused. Huge thanks to Lauren, who listened to my ideas and then mixed them with her own to create the amazing cover below:

1D Cover

If you would like to see more examples of work by The Cover Collection, you can visit their website here. I hope you like the cover as much as I do.

If you’d like to add The Eyes of the Accused to your Goodreads tbr list, you can do so here and if you haven’t got a copy of Ben and Maddie’s first case, The Revelation Room, you can find it here on Amazon.

As always, thanks for reading.

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Cover Reveal – The Revelation Room

I’ve recently had the cover for my first book, The Revelation Room, professionally designed in preparation for its publication on 6th May 2015. I thought I might share with you the process I went through to reach the final product.

What the book is about:

The Revelation Room is the first in a series of psychological mystery thriller books. The main character, Ben Whittle, works in the office of his father’s private investigation business. After Ben’s father goes missing whilst trying to locate a girl who has joined a religious cult, it soon becomes apparent to Ben that he will have to try and infiltrate the cult in order to rescue his father. Ben is an extremely reluctant hero, and it is with great reticence that he sets off on his rescue mission. The first thing I wanted the cover to encapsulate was a sense of stepping into the unknown, into something far greater than Ben could ever imagine. This cult isn’t a band of harmless hippies, it is a highly dangerous group of brainwashed people who will do anything to further their cause, and it is run by an egocentric psychopath who has no regard whatsoever for the sanctity of human life. Continue reading