The Mirror Moment

Mirror-moment-blog-imageI thought I might share with you a piece of advice that really helped me with the book I am currently working on. In fact, it changed my whole outlook on the process and the structure of writing. It’s called writing from the middle, or the Mirror Moment. The Mirror Moment is the one scene, slap-bang in the middle of a story, where the main character looks in the mirror (metaphorically speaking) and understands that the odds are so stacked against him that he has virtually nowhere to go. He faces certain death, either literally, professionally or psychologically. What does this reveal? What are its hidden depths? The Mirror Moment is like the earth’s core. Once you know what the Mirror Moment is, you will then know the transformation and pre-story psychology of your main character. Continue reading

Planner or Pantser?

Some authors are meticulous planners.They will develop a rough story idea into a plan that consists of all major events, twists and turning points and they will know exactly how their story ends and how they are going to reach that end. Nothing is left to chance. Every bump and pothole in the road is carefully constructed. Scenes are written out prior to writing, sometimes in as much detail as the actual novel itself. The characters and the setting are meticulously explored. No nasty surprises. Not one ounce of flab. This is a story which is super-fit for purpose.

Other authors are happy to describe themselves as ‘pantsers’. These are the guys  who literally write from the seat of their pants with little or no planning at all prior to writing. These authors will have a general idea of the story they want to write and then simply sit down and write it. The story just goes with the flow until it reaches its natural conclusion. Continue reading