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In the past week I’ve read some informative and entertaining blog posts that I’d like to share with you. The posts include topics such as author blogging and how to deal with annoying people on social media. I hope you find these articles useful.


ARA rose One of my favourite author blogs is Anne R Allen’s. This week she looks at how author blogging, especially fiction author blogging, should be done differently to standard blogging. Anne lists things that fiction author bloggers shouldn’t do, and explains why much of the advice out there is out of date and irrelevant. She then lists 9 elements that make up a successful author blog. You can find them, and the whole article here: Blogging Authors, Ignore the Rules! 9 Tips for a Successful Author Blog

profile-of-Jason-Kong-e1351222381642 On Joel Friedlander’s blog, Jason Kong discusses how fiction writers can build a better e-mail list. He explains who to target with e-mails and why, and what the best methods are to attract new subscribers to your e-mail list. Just like with blogging, Jason suggests that the trick is in giving quality content and offering incentives to encourage people to subscribe. You can read the whole article here: Fiction Writers: A Simple Approach to Build a Better E-mail List. 

1FCaballo If you’ve ever had any experiences of people annoying you on social media, then take a look at Frances Caballo’s recent post. She examines the places online where authors are the most likely to experience negativity, and then suggests ways in which to deal with it. To read the full article follow this link: 4 Ways to Respond When Someone Bugs You Online

Orna Ross ALLi Orna Ross has begun to take an initial look at what the UK leaving the EU means for indie authors. With Amazon rules changing and VAT changing book prices, she says that indie authors have already worked their way through hard times and will be able to face whatever not being in the EU means. The UK not being in the EU could have an impact on both authors selling from, and to the UK. You can find all of Orna’s thoughts on the situation here: Happy Independence Day. But how Independent are Indie Authors?

Greer Macallister Over on Writer Un-boxed, Greer Macallister discusses how fiction authors can help their writing by reading better. By that she means authors should read more books in the genres they write in and read other authors’ works in progress. Not only does this help your writing, it also in turn helps your networking and building relationships with other authors. To find out more about reading better, you can find the full article here: To Write Better, Read Better


I hope you find these articles as useful as I have.

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