How authors can make the most out of social media.

If you’ve never had an account on social media, you’re probably wondering what’s the point and how you can make best use of these sites. Some focus on text, some on sharing images, and it can look like a lot of extra work on top of writing your next book. In this post, I’m sharing some articles I’ve found useful when trying to get to grips with author social media – because to ignore social media is to miss the chance to be where the majority of your potential readership is.

One of the best resources for authors, and especially for helping with using social media, is Jane Friedman’s blog. She has written a number of articles, and in So You’re an Author Without a Social Media Presence: Now What? she discusses the benefits of testing the water and discovering how useful social media can be for authors. There are also links in this article to other posts about selling books through social media and how to build an author platform.

I’ve read an article recently by Frances Caballo that I wish I’d read when I first started using social media – it would have saved me a lot of time! In it she shares hints and tips about how to best make use of social media without going crazy. In 4 Social Media Productivity Tips for Authors, Frances explains the differences between the most used sites, and how important it is to decide which sites are the best use of your time.

On Joel Friedlander’s blog, Sarah Bolme discusses the importance of building an author platform. Authors are often advised they need a platform if they are going to sell any books. As Sarah says in Do you have a Platform? ‘The problem is that most authors focus on where they will build their platform and how they will build their platform. They fail to identify what their platform is and whom they intend to reach.’ The article goes on to help you discover who your target audience is and where to find it.

It is easy to get lost and disappear inside the number of social media sites. Everyone is using it and you need something to make you stand out from the crowd. On Build Book Buzz, Chris Syme discusses Three keys to selling more books with social media. The most important key is engagement before any selling takes place, so that people are more accepting of the sales pitches you make to them.

Sometimes, after getting used to using social media, you may find yourself running out of ideas of what to post or share with your audience. On Self-Publishing Advice, Ladey Adey offers ideas and advice on why indie authors need to be bold with social media. She suggests how to improve your social media strategy and help your posts travel to more people.

I hope you find the above articles as useful as I have, and if you have any other suggestions to help authors with social media, please share them in the comments. Also, if you see me on Facebook, Twitter etc, then please stop and say hello.

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