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Indie authors

In this post I’d like to shine a light on some of my fellow indie authors. At a time when indie authors are still being seen as hobbyists or amateurs, I’d like to share the authors and their books that have caught my attention. These authors are hard-working, continuously striving to improve their craft and produce excellent books. You can find out more about everyone by clicking on their names. This will take you to each persons Amazon author page. There will be many others fantastic authors not included in this list, so if you have any recommendations of your own, please let me know.


Serena Amadis (S. E. Amadis,) author of the Carrie-Anne Houghton series.
Serena’s series of books are described as chilling, gripping and harrowing. I’ve read the first two books of the series and agree. They are full of twists, turns and suspense. If you want a series of books that you literally can’t put down and are full of action, then give these a try.
Patricia  Prison serena3


Colin Rutherford (C. J. Rutherford,) author of the Tales of the Neverwar series:
If you enjoy a good fantasy story with some time travel, science fiction and dragons, then this is the series for you. Colin’s series is great for anyone anyone over 16 who wants to get lost in a different universe where a battle between good and evil is raging. I’ve read the first book and will certainly continue with the rest of the series.
Colin1 Colin2 Colin3


Donna Maria McCarthy, author of The Hangman’s Hitch:
The Hangman’s Hitch is Donna’s debut novel, not that you can tell as you read it. It’s a truly original book set in 18th century England. Donna’s imagination and way with words work together to create a piece of fiction that is worth the praise it’s receiving in early reviews. If you want to read a book with a ‘chilling account of the slippery twists and snares of Hell’ (Donna’s description) then this is it.


Christoph Fischer, author of Ludwika, The Healer and The Gamblers:
Christoph has written a number of books in different genres, including the three mentioned above. He covers a range of topics in his writing, including historical  (Ludwika is a tale of WW2 survival) and social issues such as alternative therapies. I’ve read Ludwika and thoroughly enjoyed Christoph’s writing style.


P. S Winn (Pamela Winn,) author of numerous novels and short stories:
Pamela is the author of over 30 books. Some are full length novels and others are collections of short stories. Pamela writes in a range of genres, including supernatural and paranormal. Her choice of topics make you think about your opinions on things like ghosts and life after death. I’ve read Visitations, a short story collection and I also have Obligations on my kindle.
Visitations  Obligations


C. P. Bialois, author of The Sword and the Flame series:
The first book in the series was one of the first fantasy books I’ve read. I normally read crime thrillers or psychological thrillers, but I liked the sound of this book from its description and bought a copy. I enjoyed the story and the author’s writing style. He describes the fantasy world in a way that makes you feel part of it. If you like tales of good versus evil, magic, and spells, then give this series a try.


Sahara Foley, author of various horror and dark fantasy books:
Sahara had never given any thought to becoming an author until her husband, Bob, died. He was the writer, but sadly never had any luck with publishers. Sahara decided to polish up Bob’s manuscripts and publish them on his behalf. I’ve read Nightmare Storm, which is genuinely frightening, and intend to read more of Sahara’s (and Bob’s) work.


Angeline Trevena, author of the Paper Duchess series:
Angelina’s series is set in a future dystopia that includes genetic modification and a corrupt government. I’ve read the first in the series, The Bottle Stopper, and have pre-ordered the second, The Matching. Angelina’s writing, and her descriptions of a potential future, are chilling. If you enjoy mixes of horror and fantasy, then I recommend you read The Bottle Stopper.


Stephen Edger, author of 10 novels and 54 short stories:
Stephen is described as one of Britain’s best up and coming crime thriller authors. His three series of books are very successful and Remorse (P.I Johnson Carmichael Book 1) spent some time in Amazon’s Top 100 list in 2012. I’ve recently started reading this and I am really enjoying it. Although having 2 books published with Endeavour Press, Stephen has gone back to being indie with his most recent work.


Mike Billington, author of murder mysteries and historical fiction:
Mike is a former journalist who is now using some of his experiences to inspire some great books. I’ve read Corpus Delectable (Marcy Pantano Mysteries, Book 1) and thoroughly enjoyed reading a mystery that also had some humour injected into it. I also have The Third Servant on my kindle waiting to be read.
1Mikes book cover

If you enjoy finding new authors, then I recommend you take a look at the authors and the books mentioned above. If you’ve got any recommendations you would like to make, then please let me know in the comments below.

As always, thank you for reading.

All the best,


10 thoughts on “My Top 10 Recommended Indie Authors

  1. Thank you for pointing me in the direction of some great authors. My reading list is getting looooooonger!

  2. Thank you sooooo much, Mark, for thinking of me!!! Still can’t believe you’ve included me on this post! I’m sooooooooooooo happy!!! So so happy!!

    • You’re welcome Serena.
      I wanted to let people know about indies that they perhaps hadn’t heard of.
      Hopefully will help spread the word about you and everyone else on the list.

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