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This week I’m rounding up the top 10 author blogs that I’m subscribed to and/or read regularly. They all offer a great variety of content whilst letting readers get to know the authors and their books.

Maggie James Fiction2nd captive
This week my author friend Maggie James asks her readers who their favourite fictional psychopath is. Maggie loves writing her bad guys and wants readers opinions on who the best bad guys are and why. She’s going to pick one lucky person to receive a free ebook copy of her current novel, The Second Captive. So, head over to Maggie’s blog and tell her what you think!



Ancestry Author. In The Blood
Steve Robinson is very pleased to inform his readers that his first two books are about to be translated into Czech after the first one has also been translated into German – congratulations Steve. He also updates his readers on the progress on his 5th book in the Jefferson Tayte series. If you have Steve’s books, who do you imagine Jefferson to look like? Let Steve know, there’s a signed book up for grabs.



Tales of The NeverwarClaude the dragon
Colin Rutherford is currently working on the third in his series, Tales of The Neverwar. Dragons feature throughout the series and an imaginary one named Claude writes Colin’s blog. Claude discusses Colin’s writing progress and reviews books for him. Claude has a fiery sense of humour and he writes a very entertaining blog.


Flaming English. Anna Nolan
Anna Nolan has a passion for the English language, especially grammar. Each week she posts a ‘frolic’ where she examines current articles in the press and highlights errors made, and how they could be corrected. This week she discusses the need for editors and how more attention needs to be paid to grammar. Both the blog and her ditties are written with humour and make grammar more fun.


Marla MadisonMarla
Marla reads and writes suspense fiction and this week her guest blogger Katie Mettner discusses Kindle Scout. This is a program where readers get to choose which books get published out of a range of categories. Books with the most nominations get published by Kindle Press (run by Amazon) with the opportunity to be published in different languages and in audio.


Ed James ed james book
Ed’s blog keeps his readers (current and potential) updated with his writing progress and how well his books are being received. He also posts about how he writes and overcomes any obstacles that get in his way. As Ed’s books are based in Scotland, one blog page helpfully explains some Scottish words which some us south of the boarder might not be familiar with.



Elizabeth Spann Craig Elizabeth
Elizabeth’s blog is bright, colourful and full of articles for both her mystery readers and other authors. Posting twice weekly, there’s always something new and interesting to read. This week Elizabeth discusses being a writer and people’s reaction when they find what she does for a living. She’s also posted some ‘Twitterific Writing Links’ containing some great writing resources.



William L Stuart bills blog pic
William’s blog is a really interesting read. He delves into his writing and discusses how he gets his story ideas and how his love of gemstones is included in his writing. His most recent post talks about the inclusion of dragons in the mythology of different cultures around the world. The image on the left is a picture of the Coat of Arms of the Protectorate of Oliver Cromwell showing the winged European dragon.


Artemis J Jones Artemis' blog
If you enjoy crime fiction, mystery and thrillers then you should head over to Artemis’s blog for regular author interviews and book reviews. This week Artemis interviews Bob Brink, author of Murder in Palm Beach which is a story based on true events. If you’re looking for a new book to read then take a look at Artemis’ blog.




H L Gibson heather
The ‘H’ is short for Heather, and her blog is put together with great originality containing a variety of topics. This week Heather writes about how she almost didn’t have her protagonist cook a meal because of an experience she herself had with one of the ingredients (horseradish!) Heather also discusses her writing process and how her characters develop. With some posts in an ‘Edible Fiction’ category it’s a blog to get your teeth into.


I hope you find a new blog to read from the ones above. As always, please let me know of any other author blogs you find interesting, I’d love to take a look.

Last but not least, a massive thank you to all those who have bought The revelation Room.

As always, thanks for reading!

All the best,






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