Top 10 Google Plus Communities for Self-Publishing Authors



Google Plus is a fantastic resource for self-publishing authors. It is well worth getting an account and having a good look around. You can search for people you may follow elsewhere or join the communities that have been established. The following 10 communities are the ones that I have found most useful:

1  Self Publishing 

This community is helpful for a wide variety of topics related to self-publishing. It is an engaging community with many members who re-share each others posts and help one another. It isn’t a community for self promotion, but for sharing information with other authors about writing tips, formatting, cover design and publishing. It doesn’t matter which publishing platform you use, this community caters for everyone. It is a moderated group which helps to prevent spamming.

2 Book Reviewers

This community is brilliant for those wanting to share book reviews or to find people to review their books. There are discussions about books and you can also announce upcoming events and giveaways. Feel free to link to Goodreads reviews that you’ve written or to your blog if you have a review page. Again, no self-promotion on here.

3 Writers, Authors, Bloggers

This is a large community of writers whose aim is to ensure that writers can grow their audience and readership. Members share information with each other as well as help with the promotion of author blogs/sites. You can add links to your blog and encourage comments and discussion. As it is so big, there are a number of categories to post in. You should ensure that any posts you make are in the correct category to make sure it’s seen by the right audience. Continue reading