The Kayli Bright series by M. A. Comley

Huge congratulations to Mel Comley today on the publication of Murderous Betrayal, the fourth book in her popular DI Kayli Bright series. After having enjoyed the first three books, I’d like to let you know more about the series. Mel has kindly agreed to answer a few questions about the books.

You can find out more about each book on Amazon by clicking on each book cover.

 The Missing Children (Kayli Bright Book One.)

“Please help me!”

The abandoned house is full of whispers.

DI Kayli Bright and her partner are used to dealing with difficult cases.

But nothing prepares them for what lies ahead.

Nothing rocks a community more than the discovery of a child’s body.

Everyone from Kayli’s superiors to the press are demanding answers.

Will Kayli be able to overcome the revelations she’s about to uncover?

Can Kayli prevent evil from dominating her patch? Or will her frustrations intensify as the clues dry up.

Will it be a case of someone’s thirst for evil being stronger than a detective’s desire to obtain justice?

Find out by grabbing your copy of this gripping thriller today.

You can read my 5* review of The Missing Children here on Goodreads.


 Killer on the Run (Kayli Bright Book Two.)

There is danger lurking on the roads…

It comes in many forms.

With Di Kayli Bright on the case will she be able to allay people’s fears?

Someone is watching her every move… Doing what they can to derail the investigation and steer it in a different direction.

But Kayli – bright by name and bright by nature – refuses to be duped.

Until the culprit strikes close to home…

This thriller is full of twists and turns and guaranteed to keep you turning the pages.

Get it now… if you dare!

You can read my 5* review of Killer on the Run here on Goodreads.


 Hidden Agenda (Kayli Bright Book Three.)

Danger lurks at every turn…

Death is inevitable in many cases!

DI Kayli Bright has dealt with a few perplexing cases over the years – but nothing compares to this one.

A complex case which reveals the depth of secrets surrounding a victim.

However, when the investigation gets underway Kayli’s personal life is turned upside down when she receives a devastating call.

Struggles are mounting that will be difficult to ignore.

Can Kayli solve the case with the odds stacked high against her?

Or will tragedy strike close to home, knocking her off course?

An action adventure thriller not to be missed.

You can read my 5* review of Hidden Agenda here on Goodreads.


Murderous Betrayal (Kayli Bright Book Four.)

A betrayal of any kind shows intent…

It’s when evil rears its head and no one can prevent it.

DI Kayli Bright returns from a treacherous adventure to join her team in the search for a missing man, Paul Potts.

The clues on this case are intrinsically hidden.

A plethora of dodgy suspects to sift through – most of them willing to help with the investigation, all except one who takes flight.

Why? What does he have to hide?

After obtaining a search warrant Kayli makes a surprising discovery in the man’s home.

Does he have a hidden agenda? Is he behind the disappearance of Paul Potts?

The deeper Kayli digs for the truth the further away a resolution seems.

Grab this fast-paced thriller today.


And now I hand over to Mel to answer a few questions about the series:

What was it that inspired you to start the Kayli Bright series of books?
Good question, Mark. I had an idea for a trilogy, something significant happens in the third book that turns Kayli’s world upside down. I don’t want to give any spoilers away in case people haven’t read it.
With this scenario in mind I then created Kayli Bright, actually I stole the name from one of my dear fans.

I found some parts of the series darker than your previous work. Was this a conscious decision to do something different to your other books?
Hmm… I’m really not sure how to respond to that, I definitely didn’t plan it that way, but some other readers have also pointed out how different this series is to the Justice series.

Which three words would you use to describe Kayli?
Tenacious, caring and determined. An all round good guy in the grand scheme of things.

Is Kayli anything like you or anyone you know, or she completely from your imagination?
Actually she isn’t, unlike Lorne in the Justice series, she’s just like me in everything she does. Kayli is a strong character who I created in an afternoon. I’m delighted that my fans seem to love her though.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the first three books of the series and intend to read the fourth soon. Are there going to be any more than the four currently available? (Fingers crossed.)
You’re very kind, thank you so much for your wonderful support as always, Mark.

Originally I only intended the Kayli Bright series being a trilogy but the series has been very successful so far and I have received so many emails about the characters, pleading with me not to end the series that I bowed to the pressure. I’ve since written the fourth book, Murderous Betrayal, out today. I’m also writing the fifth book in the series at the moment which I intend releasing in August, that one is titled Dying Breath.

Thank you for inviting me to take part in this fun Q and A session about one of the favourite characters I’ve created to date.


I wish you all the best with today’s new release Mel.

You can find out more about Mel and her books in the following places:
Amazon: Author profile.
Facebook: Author page.
Twitter: @Melcom1
Goodreads: Author profile.
Mel’s Blog:

As always, thank you for continued support.

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