The Key to Death’s Door or Anywhere Else.


The publication date for The Key to Death’s Door has been moved forward to Monday 16th April. With this in mind, I asked authors and bloggers: If you could have the key to anywhere or anything, what would you open, and why? You can find some of the best answers below, and learn more about everyone by clicking on their names.


Mark Wilson: To my gran’s house in 1980. Just to see her…and maybe get the recipe for her soup. Most Scottish homemade soups are a version of scotch broth. Was amazing and none of us know how to recreate it. We all have different version, which suits our different meteorites of it and her, I suppose.

Oh, I’d like one for the Vatican vaults as well, please. See what those mad bastards got up to through the ages

Alison (AB) Morgan: I would like the key to the records room in an old Victorian asylum. Imagine the stories to be found…sad, bad and mad. Juicy!

Tara Lyons: I’d want the key to heaven. Just so that, every now and then, I could pop up there and have a chat with my grandad. I miss our chats – all the things he would teach me and the stories he’d tell me about his youth. Although he only died three years ago, I have a feeling there’s so much I didn’t know.

Joel Hames-Clarke: I would like the key to Stephen King’s Box of Infinite Ideas, JK Rowling’s Magical Prose Generator, and Kazuo Ishiguro’s Perfection Press. I would also appreciate the keys to a number of prominent politicians and journalists, so that I could just switch them off, or at least put them in neutral for a while.

AJ Waines: I’d like the key to The Secret Garden as portrayed in the spellbinding book by Frances Hodgson Burnett. It’s my favourite childhood book and I’d love to be able to step into the magic of it for real… ooh, I’ve gone all tingly at the thought!

Jon Richter: This is an ace idea!! I’ll go for the keys to Area 51 please… I want to see inside their big warehouse where they keep all the salvaged alien tech and the Ark of the Covenant.

Terry Hetherington: When the weather is cold, you know 9 months in a UK year I’d like a key to open a door to a warm quiet beach haven. For peace & quiet & relaxation with my kindle/book & no time lost so it seems as if I’ve only been gone minutes when I’ve actually had 3-4 hours of me time. Heaven

Lucinda Lamont: A key to revisit your favourite life experience. For me, I did a skydive over the Everglades and I would love to get that feeling for the first time, one more time.

Kelly Lacey:  would like a key to visit my loved ones in heaven. It would be heartwarming and reassuring.

Mary Snaddon: I’d like the key to unlock my husband’s brain cos I kid you not, he never fails to surprise me with his stupidity when he’s really rather clever. Extremely clever in fact and extremely stooooopid at the same time. That’s a talent really I suppose.

Llainy Swanson:  Good question.  I want to be all philosophical and say the universe but imagine that power?  Knowing with certainty how the world came to be.  How many spiritual beings are out there, why they came to be, what is the purpose of it all.  That could break a mind, warp a mind or maybe help shape the world into a better place because you would have the answers to it all.  Sorry for typos, on my way home.  my blog is

Graham Smith: I’d like the key to the safe where the cure to cancer is secreted.

Abby Jayne Slater: If I could have the key to anywhere or anything, it would be Idris Elba’s house. Is that too stalkery????

Val Portelli: I would like the key to writer’s paradise, where there are no interruptions and every word written magically self-edits. Fairies supply food and drink, the elves do the housework, Unicorns listen entranced as I tell my stories, and dragons fly all over the world distributing my books.

Owen Mullen: Great idea Mark… I’d like the key to my own time machine. I could travel to the past and the future with ease and answer all the great questions, meet and talk to the greatest heroes and villains – from Jesus Christ to Genghis Khan. Revisit my happiest memories… but more important I could sit my younger self down and tell him not to worry, it was all going to be okay.

Heleyne Hammersley: I’d like the key to my dad’s 1964, dark blue, Ford Anglia. It was our first family car and I spent many happy hours being driven around the country in it.

Caroline Vincent: If I could have a key what would I use it for? So many thoughts and so many uses for that key! I think I’d love to have a key to heaven – to see my father and talk about all those things we planned but never got around to as he died too soon. He could show me my little one – the one I just know he took care of when I was a few months pregnant. And, perhaps I could also see my gran, my father’s mother, one more time and give her a hug.

Kerry Swan: I’d lik th ky that fll off my kyboard.


Thank you to everyone who made suggestions and answered my question. I really appreciate your help.

The cover for The Key to Death’s Door will be revealed shortly.

As always, thank you for your support.

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  1. The key to a front door in the quiet countryside may not seem much of a wish but after fifty years of city life, it becomes your idea of Heaven.

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