The Key to Death’s Door

Book Description:
If you could discover the murderous truth of a past life and seek justice in this one, would you?

Teenager Lee Hunter doesn’t have a choice when he nearly drowns after spending the night at a derelict boathouse with his best friend, Charlie Finch. After leaving his body and meeting a mysterious light, Lee is sent back to relive the final days of another life. A life that ended tragically.

After recovering from his near death experience, Lee begins to realise that he is part of two lives linked by the despicable actions of one man.

Struggling against impossible odds, Lee and Charlie set out to bring this man to justice.

Will Lee be able to unlock the past and bring justice to the future?

The Key to Death’s Door is a story of sacrifice, friendship, loyalty and murder.

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ARC/NetGalley Reviews:

A truly magnificent author, who has an art in descriptive cruelty, humanity, degradation, but with such reader appeal.
My heart was in my mouth, broken, pieced back together and shattered again.
5* NetGalley review.

This is another heart breaking and gut wrenching novel that will stick with me for a long time to come. What should be the best years of two young boys lives is turned upside down with discovery and a fight for justice. A story that will send your pulse racing and your heart soaring. Another utterly brilliant novel by one of my favourite authors.
5* NetGalley review.


Amazon/Goodreads reviews:

The Key to Death’s Door by Mark Tilbury blew my socks off! How have I missed reading this author before? Why has no one ever pointed me in his direction?
5* review from Sandysbookaday.

If you’re a fan of Mark Tilbury’s books, I have no doubt you will love this one as much as I did. If you haven’t yet discovered this author, I highly recommend you take the time to get caught up. In the meantime I’m off to firmly add him to my list of go-to authors and (im)patiently await his next offering, which I’m sure will rock my socks off just as much as this one did. No pressure, sir.
5* review from NovelDeelights.

I have to say, I do love a crime thriller that has a supernatural element in it. The author has weaved a story that will have you well and truly hooked. I am starting to think Mark is the new Stephen King!
5* review from Shell Baker.

Mark Tilbury certainly knows how to evoke fear in his readers. It’s a fear that most of us will recognise if we dare to look back on our own childhood and remember the irrational fears we had about things that we didn’t understand, even if we didn’t experience the heinous things that Tilbury put these youngsters through. . It’s about fear against evil, and there is none more evil than the man that Lee/Paul is going after. This was breathtaking to read and I could not put it down.
5* review from John Cowton, author.

No messing about… I fucking love this novel. I read a lot of books, this one is, by quite some distance, my favourite read of 2018 to date.
5* review from Mark Wilson, author.

Mark Tilbury is fast becoming an author to be reckoned with when it comes to dark and gritty thrillers, so if that’s your thing this is one book and author that needs to be on your radar and more importantly on your TBR.
5* review from The Haphazardous Hippo.

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