The Top 10 Facebook Groups for Indie Authors.


Facebook is an invaluable resource for indie authors. It enables you to connect to other authors, and to your potential readership. The following 10 Facebook groups are the ones I’ve found to be the most useful for finding help with all things publishing, and for engaging with my readers.

*1 Without doubt, the most useful group I’ve found is THE Book Club. It’s a secret group that currently has 6200+ members. It has a mixture of authors and readers, and everyone is very enthusiastic about books. If you need some advice about writing, book covers, or how to price a book, for example, then you’ll always get some help from other authors. Also, the readers and book bloggers of the group are always happy to spread the word about the books they’ve read – and leave those important reviews on Amazon.

*2 Turning Pages – Book Lovers Group, is a group where authors share news about their books, and where readers can share their opinions and reviews of the books they’ve read. I find this group useful, as it enables me to share news about my writing progress, my book offers, and the publication dates. I’ve also found some great books to read from other members recommendations.

*3 Great Reads UK is a group that focuses on books written by British authors. Authors can promote in the group, as long as they and their books are in the UK, and the promotion is done in a creative way. The readers of the group share their recommendations of books based in the UK. I’ve found this a useful group to be part of as it enables me to discuss my books’ settings/locations, and gather some interest in my writing from people who prefer books set in the UK.

*4 Authors Promoting Authors is a group where authors help each other by sharing each other’s promotion posts. Being part of this group has helped my promotion efforts, as I’ve had some great support from the other members of the group. When I make a post in the group, I’ll then go through the other members posts and share some of them. I do try to be selective though, and share books that I believe my followers will be interested in.

*5 Writers Question Cave is a really useful group to be part of. Authors tend to need some really strange and unusual information when writing books, and this group is where you can find the answers. No question is too strange. If you’ve tried searching online for an answer and didn’t find one, then join this group for help.

*6 Author Services One Stop Shop is quite a new group that brings those providing services for authors, and authors, together in one place. If you’re an indie author in need of quality services that don’t cost the earth, then take a look at this group. If you’re an editor, proof-reader, cover designer, or book publicist, then this this a good place to let authors know what you can offer them.

*7 One Stop Fiction Author’s Resource Group is a great place to keep up to date with all things self-publishing. Author services and resources are frequently recommended by other authors who have found them useful. Members also keep each other updated on any changes implemented on sales platforms such as Amazon and Smashwords. The group admin have also created a website, where readers can find top quality books by group authors, and it’s free to join.

*8 Authors 99c e-Books Promotion is for the promotion of all genres of e-book whilst they are priced at 99c or 99p on Amazon. This is a large group of both authors and readers looking for bargain books. I found this group useful for spreading the word about my price reductions, as the reader-members frequently visit looking for new books.

*9 Novelspot Readers is a group that enables all those in the writing/publishing industry to share their successes and/or promotions. This is a very active group with many of its members sharing each other’s posts, and helping with each others promotion efforts.

*10 Kindle Unlimited is a group to post information about, and links to, books that readers can access via Kindle Unlimited. I’ve noticed that when I’ve posted in this group, the number of my KU pages read go up, so I find this group very useful.

I hope you’ve found this post useful, and if you’ve found any other Facebook groups that you think I should know about, then please let me know about them in the comments.

As always, thank you for reading,

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13 thoughts on “The Top 10 Facebook Groups for Indie Authors.

  1. Nice list. I’d suggest few more groups that are useful.. maybe check them out:

    Indie Cover Project – a group for authors to get feedback on their book covers, blurbs and author websites. Over 5000 members so it’s quite active and authors can get feedback quite fast. Lots of designers too to comment.

    Self-Publishing Formula group – a great group by very succesful indie author Mark Dawson. He’s helped many authors grow their careers with Facebook ads and marketing advice. Lots of members sharing tips and advice to each other and Mark shares insights from his career very transparently.

    20Booksto50K – probably the best marketing advice group for authors now. Ton of members, all sharing and helping each other. Great moderators who don’t allow self-promotion for service providers much so it’s mostly advice.

    Hope these help!

  2. HALP!

    I’m a book cover designer and I REALLY want to find the THE Book Club FB page, but as you might guess – the search turns up 10 million of them (even tried a verbatim search). Help me Marl Tilbury, you’re my only hope.


    Bucklin Hill Covers

    • Hi Larry,
      THE Book Club is a secret group so can’t be found in searches. The group don’t allow promo in any way unless they give you permission. To join, you’ll need to send Charlie Fenton a friend request, saying you want to join the group. As long you love reading, talking about books and have a sense of humour, you’ll be fine!
      See you in there,

  3. Mark, thank you so much for mentioning the One Stop Fiction Authors’ Resource Group. We are a very happy bunch of writers always willing to share what works and what doesn’t for book marketing. Really pleased for the shout out!

    • Hi David,
      The only reason it wasn’t included was because it’s genre specific, and this list is for all indie authors, all genres.
      UK Crime Book Club is an excellent group for all readers and authors who enjoy crime fiction though!

      All the best,

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