The Top 10 Resources for Self-Publishing Authors

Self-publishing authors have a fair bit to do: Write, edit and format books, design covers, learn how to use Kindle Direct Publishing (and other publishing outlets) and explore how to best make use of social media to market their work. The following is a list of resources which I found to be the most helpful with the self-publishing process:

The Book Designer   1JoelF

The Book Designer is put together by Joel Friedlander, and it covers all aspects of self- publishing. The site is easy to navigate and has popular posts grouped together on the home page with articles put into categories. Personally, I’ve learned a lot from Joel’s site and from the authors who guest-write posts on his behalf. Take a look at the ‘Start Here’ section on the home page to introduce yourself to the scope of articles which are available.

2 Joan Stewart, The Publicity Hound  1JStewart

You’ll find more than 2,000 blog posts and articles, hundreds of learning tools, and lots of free advice on how to tell your story to the world on Joan’s site. If you’re having trouble deciding how best to market and promote your book, then there are numerous articles here that will help. Joan is also great at blogging and shares tips to help you improve your author blog posts 

3 The Creative Penn  1JPenn

The Creative Penn is Joanna Penn’s superb website. This is where you’ll find her excellent blog designed to help other writers avoid making the same mistakes as she has by sharing her own personal experiences of the self-publishing world. Her blog has been voted one of the Top Ten blogs for writers and self-publishers. You can find information there on writing, editing, publishing and book marketing.

4 Social Media for Writers  1FCaballo

Francis Caballo is an author who loves social media and helping other authors to use it more effectively. As she says on her website: “social media is how you build trust with prospective readers, deepen relationships with the readers you already have, and boost traffic to your website and online venues where readers can purchase your books”. If you haven’t used social media prior to self-publishing, then you need to visit Francis’s site.

5 Sean Platt  1SPlatt

Sean Platt, and his friends David Wright and Johnny B. Truant, wrote the book ‘Write. Publish. Repeat’. Anyone thinking about self-publishing should definitely read it. They also write a blog together about their individual projects and offer advice and resources to fellow indie authors. The blog discusses many things, including topics such as the muse, book cover design and pen names.

6 Kristen Lamb  1KLamb

Kristen’s Blog, Warrior Writers, is full of articles for writers and those trying to get used to using social media. She is very supportive of other writers and regularly offers a monthly critique to those who link to her blog. She shares information in order to help new authors build their platform and work towards publication of their work.

7 Anne R. Allen  1Aallen

Anne writes her blog with Ruth Harris, and it has been voted in the top 101 Websites for Authors by Writers Digest. The blog contains a range of articles about writing, how to get yourself successfully published, and how best to use social media. Anne and Ruth’s articles are humorous, enjoyable and informative.

8 K M Weiland  km-weiland-avatar

K M Weiland’s blog is full of articles designed to help authors improve their craft. From showing how to improve your character’s backstory to creating the best settings for your story to take place in, these articles are clearly written and explained with examples to illustrate the points being made. This is a really useful site for those looking to improve their writing and to ask questions about the writing process.

9 Elizabeth S. Craig  1ECraig  

Elizabeth’s website is full of articles about improving your writing and also has  information about author social media and marketing. Elizabeth shares her own experiences about marketing in many of her posts, and she also has guest writers posting for her. I have found many of the posts extremely useful and the information is good for all genres.

10 Training Authors  1SHitz and HHart 

Shelly Hitz and Heather Hart help authors with all aspects of writing, publication and marketing on their site, Training Authors. Different topics are organised into categories, so everything is easy to find. The site is a mixture of their own posts and useful recommendations of other resources. The articles are in-depth and explain everything fully. A really useful site for writers.


The above 10 resources for self-publishers are the ones which I have learned the most from. I’d love to hear from you if you have any of your own that you might want to add.

You may also find 15 People Authors and Readers Should Follow on Twitter useful. It includes the names and twitter handles of people/groups that I’ve found most useful to follow.

As always, thanks so much for reading.

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33 thoughts on “The Top 10 Resources for Self-Publishing Authors

  1. Hello Mark,

    This just popped up on my twitter feed as a retweet…

    I invite you to check out the blog. You’ll see regular and guest contributions from some of the writers you cite, like Joel Friedlander and Frances Caballo. We are an online community dedicated to providing indie authors with the resources they need to Prepare, Publish and Promote a winning book.

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    • Hi Brenda,
      I’m glad the post can be of some use to yourself and other authors. Thanks for sharing it.
      As far as I can tell self pub are those authors who do everything (writing, publishing and marketing) themselves. I’ve seen indie authors being described as those who form groups to help each other out with formatting, cover design and marketing. However you describe yourself, you’re still an author and it shouldn’t matter what kind! 🙂

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    • Hello Joan,

      You are very welcome. I’ve learnt – actually change that to I’m still learning, so much from everyone on the list!
      Thanks for taking the time to have a look at the blog.


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    • Hi Joan,

      Thank you for including this post in your weekly tweet list.
      I appreciate the support.

      Best wishes,


  8. Thank you for the list and thanks to Anne for putting it on google+ where I could find it. Some of these I’m happy to have found, but quite a few more I’m looking forward to exploring. Thanks, again.

    ~ Tam Francis ~

    • Hi Tam,

      Thank you for the comment and I’m glad that this list has given you extra resources to explore.

      All the best,


    • Hi Jodie,

      Thanks for the comment and the link to The Kill Zone Blog.
      I’ve read James’s book Writing From The Middle so I’ll make
      sure to visit the blog.

      All the best,


  9. Thanks for the great post Mark.

    Darcie Pattison’s Fiction Notes blog site is a great source of information on everything story. Darcie offers a wonderfully detailed step-by-step process on setting up an author website. Well worth a look.

    The Sean Platt / David Wright / Johnny B. Truant resource related to author advice is their Smarter Artist site, and of course their Self-Publishing Podcast.

    • Hi Cathy,

      Thank you for taking the time to read and comment. I hope you found it useful.
      I’ll certainly take a look at Darcie’s site, and thank you for telling everyone about it.

      Best wishes,


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