This Week in the Blogs (5th-11th December 2016)

Today I’d like to highlight some of the useful, and informative blog posts I’ve read over the past week.

sabotaging-writing-dreamsThe Writer’s Enemy List: Are These People Sabotaging Your Writing Dreams?
Mystery author and top blogger, Anne R Allen discusses the different types of people who can have a negative impact not only on your writing progress, but also your mental and physical well-being. In the post she says:

‘It’s hard enough to live with the constant rejection we have to deal with in this industry.  So when you’re attacked in your personal life, it can feel like a double-whammy.

You need to erect strong boundaries and be fierce in defending them. But if you’re serious about your work, the people who really care about you will learn to treat your time and work with respect.’
Reading this article will help you identify the kind of people in your life your writing could probably do without!



12-9-16-how-writers-can-improve-their-seo-without-pricey-expertsHow Writers Can Improve their SEO without Pricey Experts.
Frances Caballo discusses all the changes Google et al make to their algorithms and how it can affect all types of blogs and websites, including those run by authors. She suggests a WordPress plug-in called Yoast SEO Primer which can help you check your blog posts readability and SEO. It’s free to download and at first glance looks as if it could be useful – and easy to use. As Frances says ‘I don’t think there’s been a better time for authors to improve their SEO ranking. You, perhaps more than any other blogger on the internet, already know what constitutes good writing and what’s readable and what’s not. You’re in a prime position to do what you know best: write for your readers.’ 



hootsuiteSchedule Bulk Messages with Hootsuite.
Social media can become a distraction from writing your next book. Trying to think of Tweets and Facebook posts etc, and then having to send them out there to your readers. Using a site such as Hootsuite can save you  lots of time, BUT only if you can upload your messages successfully. In this article Molly Greene explains the process and how she managed to schedule posts to different social media sites. Bulk uploading of messages is only available with Hootsuite’s paid for version, but you do get a 30 day free trial.


5 Steps for Writing Through Discouragement.
K. T Bowes discusses 5 different types of discouragement that can have a negative impact on an author’s writing progress and lead to writer’s block. Be it unrealistic expectations or a lack of direction, there are times when writing the next book stalls or even grinds to complete halt. Methods of working through these obstacles are examined, as are ways of calming down these feelings of discouragement. Bowes ends the post with this truth ‘The road home is paved with flowers or strewn with barbed wire. The view is up to us.’


The Difference between Alpha, Beta and ARC Readers.
On IndiesUnlimited this week the differences between the three types of readers often used by authors are explained. Why do authors need these readers? At what stage in the writing process is each used? Both new authors and readers can often get confused between the three types, but this article explains the pros and cons of each one, and what an author should and shouldn’t expect from them.


I hope you’ve found these posts as useful as I have.

All the best.


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