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Firstly, thank you for agreeing to take part today Jill. Would you let everyone know a little about yourself?

Hi, my name is Jill Burkinshaw (but just call me Jill)  I am mother to 5 wonderful children who are now adults and living all over (1 in San Francisco) so I book in advance to catch up with them.
Someone got my star sign wrong when I was born because I was born Libra and Libras supposedly have difficulty making decisions but that definitely doesn’t apply to me. I make decisions, BIG decisions suddenly and once a decision is made I will move heaven and earth to see it through.
I now live in Matlock in the heart of the Peak District with my partner and dog. Sheba and I spend a few hours a day exploring the countryside.
I have always loved reading and I have fond memories of swapping books with Mum.


What went through your head when you first decided to start your book blog?
I am not sure I ever actually decided to do it, it was more a progression. I always read paperbacks but due to a health problem I dusted off my Kindle because I could enlarge the text. I found free books and started reading a lot more. I found Goodreads and started reviewing as a way to help indie authors and from there a blog was a natural progression. I have only had my blog for about 18 months but it has helped many authors and that makes the work worthwhile.

What are the best and worst things about being a book blogger?
I am not sure there is a ‘worst’ other then the blog tends to take over your life but for me that is a good way. Because of my decision to start blogging I have found myself going down a path I would never have considered a few years ago I do have some regrets that my life didn’t quite work out the way I envisaged but I do know that I made the right decision.

How soon after finishing reading a book do you write a review?
I like to write a review as soon as possible after reading the book while everything is fresh in my mind. Because I read so many it is easy for them to become mixed so I like to get it reviewed and the blog post created as soon as I can.

If you’ve not met any other book bloggers in ‘real life’ yet, who would you like to meet and why?
I would like to meet Sarah Hardy. Soon after I began my blog Sarah contacted me and asked me if I would like to join a blog tour. I had no idea what one was but she explained it all. That was the first of many blog tours they are very addictive. From the blog tours grew a friendship that I hope will last a lifetime. We have shared and supported each other through many difficult times. I have never met her in person but my daughter is moving to Leeds soon so that could change in the near future.

Which book has had the most emotional impact on you? This can be any emotion – sadness, laughter, fear etc.
I have absolutely no justification for this as I have read many books that were more gory and chilling but… The book that never seems to leave my memory is Broken Dolls by James Carol. It is a psychological thriller and gave me nightmares for ages afterwards. This was a debut thriller but nothing he wrote afterwards came anywhere near to that one which was sad as I would have loved more like it.

In your opinion which book should everyone read at least once, and why?
I don’t have a ‘particular’ book but I do think everyone should read at least 1 true story about the way other people live and survive difficult circumstances. I read Silent Tears by Kay Bratt which was a true story about a Chinese orphanage. It certainly makes you think.

Who are your 3 favourite authors and what makes them stand out?
This is not a comprehensive list but Joy Ellis, Helen Durrant and Stewart Giles are the first ones that come to mind and that is mainly because they write different series’ on an ongoing basis with totally different characters and scenarios. I think the variety makes for good reading and their talent is demonstrated by their ability to keep churning out books from each series in tandem.


Thank you very much Jill! Broken Dolls certainly sounds interesting, and thanks for the other great recommendations.

You can find and follow Jill across social media.
Jill’s blog: www.booksnall.blog.
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/booksnall/.
Twitter: @Books_n_all.
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/books-n-all-jill-burkinshaw-076420135/.

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