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Today Tilbury Talks To…Sarah Hardy. Thanks for visiting the blog Sarah, please tell us a little bit about yourself.


Hi, I’m Sarah (front of above photo with author Tara Lyons, and fellow bloggers Shell Baker, Emma Shand, Kat Everett and Noelle Holten.) I am a book publicist for Bloodhound Books. I also blog at bytheletterbookreviews. Books and reading have always been a huge part of my life, more so over the last few years. I love spreading the word and shouting about the authors and books that I enjoy. Having been converted to a kindle after my husband bought me one, I now never go anywhere without it. It’s as important as my house keys or phone! I read quite a few different genres but my favourite is definitely crime and psychological thrillers.


What went through your head when you first decided to start your book blog?
I’m not great with technology and after getting starting up my wordpress site, I really wondered what I had let myself in for. I was determined to do it though as after joining an online book group, I realised how many wonderful authors there were out there that were struggling to get themselves and their books noticed and I wanted to try and help spread the word. For me, setting up a book blog was one way to do that.

What are the best and worst things about being a book blogger?
The best thing about blogging is discovering authors and books I would never have come across before if it wasn’t for my blog. Blogging has really opened my eyes to just what talent is out there. It is also a great community to be part of and I have made lifelong friends with bloggers and authors from doing it. The worst is the amount of review requests you get and not being able to yes to all of them.

How soon after finishing reading a book do you write a review?
I write my reviews pretty much straight after i’ve finished it unless I finish a book on a night when i’m in bed. Even then it will be the first thing I do as soon as i get up. I like the story to be fresh in my mind when i write it so doing it straight away works better for me.

Have you met any fellow book bloggers in ‘real life’ and what were they like?
I have been fortunate enough to have met lots of bloggers in real life and every one of them is as lovely as they are online.

Have you met any of your favourite authors? Did the experience meet your expectations?
I haven’t sadly met all the authors that I would like to but the ones I have, have surpassed my expectations and been really lovely and have taken time out to talk to me. One of my highlights was meeting Robert Bryndza who I am a huge fan of. I love it when people are as lovely in person as they are online and I’m thankful that all the authors I have met have been just as nice in person.

Which book has had the most emotional impact on you? This can be any emotion – sadness, laughter, fear etc.
I’m quite an emotional person so there have been many a book that has made an impact on me for many reasons but the two that stand out are The Abattoir Of Dreams by Mark Tilbury and A Suitable Lie by Michael J Malone. I went through so many emotions reading these books and they have lived on inside of me well after I have read them and I can still feel the rise of emotions just thinking about them. Definitely a sign of a great writer when they can do that.

If you could transport yourself into one book and be part of the story, which would you choose?
It would definitely have to be into a Harry Potter book. As much as I never liked school, who wouldn’t want to go to Hogwarts?

Thank you for taking part today Sarah and for some brilliant answers!

You can find Sarah across social media:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sarah.hardy.9655.
Twitter: @sarahhardy681.
Instagram: @s.hardy.

As always, thank you for your support.

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