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Today, Tilbury Talks To… Sue Ward. Thank you for taking part Sue. Please would you introduce yourself?

My name is Sue. Most know me in the book world as “read along with Sue” I’m married and have 2 grown up children. I’m from the UK, born and bred Bristolian!



What went through your head when you first decided to start your book blog?
I was getting more and more into reviews and wanted somewhere I could direct others who I follow and who follow me to one single place on the net. Somewhere I could direct an author if they would like to read it. But also for other book lovers to see what type of genres I read.

What are the best and worst things about being a book blogger?
My best things, hmm there are lots. I’ll choose a couple. I get to meet and interact with other book bloggers online. No matter where in the world we live, what we look like, where we come from we have something in common. Books! And the love of books. And the interaction we can have with authors online.

I get to speak about BOOKS!

The worst things? There are a few. The temptation of book after book that I NEED and then finding myself buried under a heap of books that I NEEDED to read months and months ago but still haven’t. And the guilty feelings it gives me.

Hauling books is another one. It’s like being in a sweetshop and you “all” of your most favourite sweets are being offered to you at a reduced price. How can you refuse??!

Lastly, writing a review that’s honest, tactful but low markings. I agonised over it for days. But I push myself to stay true to how a book makes me feel or react. Otherwise there’s no point in reviewing.

How soon after finishing reading a book do you write a review?
I’m not very consistent with this Mark.
I confess here and now, I hate writing reviews. Yep I’ve said it more than once. Sometimes I read books back to back then find I’ve heaps of reviews to write. Then I moan at myself for not doing them as I go. Sometimes I’ll write up straight after I finish the book. Depends on time.

Have you met any fellow book bloggers in ‘real life’ and what were they like?
Unfortunately not. I’ve not managed to get to any event. Difficult for me being disabled and a Carer to hubby.

If you’ve not met any other book bloggers in ‘real life’ yet, who would you like to meet and why?
I’d love to meet Philomena Callan (Cheekypee) We started out several groups together all based on books of course. It lasted for 6 years. I had to pull out last year, lots of regrets but I needed to focus.
So Phil took them over. I’m glad to see it all going strong. We never parted ways, we still remain in contact and I’m going to travel to surprise her one day.

Have you met any of your favourite authors? Did the experience meet your expectations?
Again no. I think I’d either blabber and make myself look silly or completely not say anything.

If you could meet any author, alive or dead, and ask them one question, who would it be, and what would you ask them?
I think it would be Catherine Cookson. Her books were the first books I ever picked up willingly to read apart from school books.
What would I ask her? Can you sign all my books please?

Think of the worst antagonist you’ve ‘met’ in a book. If you could dish out your own justice on behalf of their victims, who would it be and what would you do?
That would be Dr Galbraith in John Nicholl’s book, White is the Coldest Colour. He was such a villain, such a Jekyll and Hyde character. He would say one thing but in his head we got to hear what he was REALLY thinking. I’d have exposed his actual thoughts and allowed his torment to go on forever. Death was too good for him.

Which book has had the most emotional impact on you? This can be any emotion – sadness, laughter, fear etc.
Mary Grand wrote a book I recently read called Behind Her Smile. Having never read a book by her before I wasn’t sure what I was expecting. It got 5* from me.

I never show the real me. Not often. I hide behind a smile, a laugh, a joke or I retreat away from people now and again. A lot of us don’t show the REAL us. We don’t lie, but, we hide behind a smoke screen. We hide how we truly feel. Or think. In this case there were several characters that hid behind a smile. I got to learn how this could affect others or indeed yourself.

In your opinion which book should everyone read at least once, and why?
I’m unable to answer as there are so many. I’ll name Sybil Hodge. Her latest book was amazing about the dark side of the Internet.
Steena Holmes –  The forgotten.
C. L Taylor –  The Fear was amazing. The angle she came at a subject matter that’s been written about so many times.

Who are your 3 favourite authors and what makes them stand out?
I don’t have 3 Mark. I have quite a few I can’t wait to get my hands on their next book. It would be unfair of me to comment.

Thank you for your interesting and very honest answers Sue. It’s been a pleasure chatting to you.

You can find Sue online:
Sue’s blog: https://readalongwithsue.blogspot.co.uk/.
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sue31didit.
Twitter: https://twitter.com/sue31didit.
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/read_along_with_sue/.

As always, thank you for your support.

Best wishes,



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  1. Great interview with one of my favourite bloggers. Sue was the first blogger to review one of my books and I’m grateful. Her reviews are always insightful, honest and entertaining. Long may she carry on.

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