Top 10 Google Plus Communities for Self-Publishing Authors



Google Plus is a fantastic resource for self-publishing authors. It is well worth getting an account and having a good look around. You can search for people you may follow elsewhere or join the communities that have been established. The following 10 communities are the ones that I have found most useful:

1  Self Publishing 

This community is helpful for a wide variety of topics related to self-publishing. It is an engaging community with many members who re-share each others posts and help one another. It isn’t a community for self promotion, but for sharing information with other authors about writing tips, formatting, cover design and publishing. It doesn’t matter which publishing platform you use, this community caters for everyone. It is a moderated group which helps to prevent spamming.

2 Book Reviewers

This community is brilliant for those wanting to share book reviews or to find people to review their books. There are discussions about books and you can also announce upcoming events and giveaways. Feel free to link to Goodreads reviews that you’ve written or to your blog if you have a review page. Again, no self-promotion on here.

3 Writers, Authors, Bloggers

This is a large community of writers whose aim is to ensure that writers can grow their audience and readership. Members share information with each other as well as help with the promotion of author blogs/sites. You can add links to your blog and encourage comments and discussion. As it is so big, there are a number of categories to post in. You should ensure that any posts you make are in the correct category to make sure it’s seen by the right audience.

4 Digital Publishing 

This group is an excellent resource for information on everything to do with the publishing process. If you want know about the latest publishing trends, print-on- demand or audio books, then this is the community to come to. It helps you to keep up to date with the changes happening within self-publication. You can ask for help or if you have a related skill, offer your services to others. It is a spam and self-promotion free zone.
***This group will be closing in July 2015***

5 Writing Resources 

This community was set up by writers to help other writers. It’s aims are to help people improve their writing and provide information on writing skills, editing, writing software and formatting ready for publication. Links to informative blog posts are allowed but promotion of books is not. This is a really useful group that is great for all genres and both traditional and self-publishing authors.

6 Google Plus Book Club

This group is aimed at anyone who loves to read. It is a large community where authors can share information with their readers, and where readers can post book reviews. The group aims to keep spam to a minimum, so when authors post information about their work they are asked to make contributions to the group and not just try to sell their book. The group is divided up into different genres and discussion topics making it easy to find the content you are interested in.

7 Promote Your Book!

This group is one of only a few that actively encourage authors to promote their work. Authors can discuss their works-in-progress, make announcements about publication dates and tell people about upcoming offers on books they have for sale. The group tries to encourage more communication between authors and readers. Links to author blogs and/or retail pages are allowed so long as you engage with other group members with +1s and comments.

8 eBook Publishing

This is quite a large group that covers all aspects of self-publishing from the writing of your first draft to uploading it onto Kindle and beyond. There are a variety of categories to post in, including general discussion, asking for help and marketing advice. It is a friendly group that has provided really useful advice to me about author marketing.

9 Self Publisher News

A small but very rewarding group to be part of. It’s owner Richard Potts created the group with the aim of encouraging more sharing of resources, help and opinions between authors. The range of topics covered in this group include all aspects of the self-publishing process and the technologies behind it.

10  UK Writers 

I also want to mention a group specifically for writers in the UK. This is a private group run by Steve Turnbull. I recommend taking a look here to keep updated with any changes occurring, specifically in the UK. It isn’t a place for the promotion of books but for discussion with other authors. It is a small friendly group and as such it’s members show a genuine interest in the opinions, ideas and success of others.

I hope you find the above communities as useful as I have. Please let me know of any other Google Plus communities for self-publishing authors that you have found useful and informative.

As always, thank you for reading.

All the best


4 thoughts on “Top 10 Google Plus Communities for Self-Publishing Authors

  1. Hi Mark,
    Thank you for these suggestions – I have joined most of them – please note that number 4 Digital Publishing is closing in July 2015 – there is a notice on the site.
    Great resource and fantastic to share – thanks
    Bren Murphy

    • Hi Bren,

      Thanks for letting me know about Digital Publishing, I’ll put a note in the post so people know as they read it.
      Feel free to share or re-post if you want to, just please acknowledge where you got the list from 🙂

      All the best,


    • Hi Maggie,
      Thanks for the comment. That’s why I like doing this kind of post occasionally. I can let people know what I’ve found useful and then they can let me know if there’s anything else I can be making use of.

      Best wishes,


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